Hi, I'm Kevin and I am a software engineer from Austin, Texas. I'm currently working on games, tooling, and backend platform services for clients at Gamebreaking Studios.

You can find me around the web on Twitter, LinkedIn, and GitHub, but Twitter is generally the best way to get ahold of me. Feel free to reach out if you ever want to chat 馃槃 !

Recent Articles

How to build oclif for windows with GitHub Actions

How to build and release a oclif CLI Windows Installer with GitHub actions.

Introduction to System Design Interviews

What to expect when navigating a system design interview, and tips for success.

How to polyfill Buffer with Webpack 5

How to fix 'buffer is not defined' error and polyfill the Node.js Buffer API for browsers with Webpack 5.

Testing Redis Clients in Node.js with Testcontainers Node

Write unit tests that consume a real Redis with Testcontainers Node and Docker.

Reactive Streams in JavaScript with RSocket Flowable

Message streaming, back-pressure, cancellation, and async programming in JavaScript with rsocket-flowable.

The State of RSocket in JavaScript

Building applications with RSocket & JavaScript is new and exciting, but consider this before you bet your business on it.

Reviewing Distributed System Architectures

A high-level overview of distributed system architecture implementations covering Webhooks, Message Buses, WebSockets, and finally RSocket.

Handling captcha in Laravel unit testing

Considerations when unit testing Laravel applications that use Captchas on forms and HTTP POST requests.

Debugging AdonisJS with vscode

Configuration and considerations for using VScode to debug AdonisJS applications.

Framework X - Whats in a Framework?

Thoughts about developing my own HTTP framework built on Express

Two Years Later

A reflection on the past two years since the repository for this blog was created.

Hello World

Hello World... is this thing on?

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